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Best Keyword Research Method for Good Rankings and less Competition

Best Keyword Research Method for Good

Rankings and less Competition



Best Keyword Marketing

Keyword Research Done Right!












Keyword Research is the most important part when it comes

to SEO and ranking a site, video or whatever you wanna rank.

If you mess up this first step then your results and rankings won’t

be the ones you looking for! Some people are lazy and don’t bother

to do their keyword research the right way. They think looking for a

broad keyword with a good amount of searches are enough but trust

me if that would be the case everybody would rank on the number 1

spot in google and bank thousand’s of dollars!


Okay to recap this keyword research is more than important for ranking

your high in google everything else would like starting a car with the

wrong key! It would bring you nowhere!


I made a video for you how I do keyword research! I don’t say that this is

the best way or you should just use the tool I recommend for keyword

research but that’s the way I do it with good results on my end! Their

probably hundred other ways and tools from paid ones to free ones.

You need to get this part right and make sure you follow all the

instructions I lay out for you. After you see results you can test other

methods if you want!


Video: My Best Keyword Research Method


I laid down the foundation which you need to get good rankings in

Google. The next step for you is to take action now. Start searching

and take the keywords you found to create amazing content for your

blog, as a video or for whatever you need it. But keyword research alone

isn’t the only key to good rankings you also have to get your on- and off-page

SEO right which I going to explain in a future post.


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Marco Moeschter

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