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How can YouTube Help You Make More Money Online?

How can YouTube Help You Make More Money Online?

Video Marketing There’s an old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. This saying is very true. When you look at a picture, there are many things going on there. There are many words that can come to mind to describe the many elements of a picture. A picture can freeze many different thoughts and emotions, and these can trigger lots of words. In fact, I would not be surprised if a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Still, if a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is one video worth? We’re talking possible millions of words. In fact, if you have the right kind of video, you might not even be able to count the number of words that video can trigger. That’s how powerful the right video can be. People looking to make money online and other marketers quickly saw the potential of video as a communication tool. This is why video marketing is one of the fastest-growing segments of on-line marketing. Keep the following discussion in mind so you can tap YouTube in your efforts to make money online.

Why video marketing?

There are many reasons why you should get into video marketing. In fact, the list of reasons is so long that we don’t have enough space to cover it in this article. Still, we have managed to isolate the five biggest reasons why video marketing is so powerful and why you should get into video marketing. Here are the most compelling reasons why video marketing is making such a big impact in on-line marketing and on-line promotions in general.

Videos help personalize your value proposition

There are many ways to discuss an idea. There are many ways to share an idea. However, the most powerful way to get your message across is to make it personal. Videos help you personalize a message. We’re not talking about personalization in terms of saying the person’s name. We’re talking about personalization that goes much deeper. We’re talking about personalization that tells a story. Whenever you tell a story, you increase your chances of drawing the viewer in. The viewer can’t help but be drawn in because there might be elements of your story that resonate with that viewer on a deeply personal level. While you can try to do this with articles or a picture, one of the most powerful ways to draw the user in on so many different levels is through video. Videos can do this because there are many different parts to videos. Even if one part doesn’t work, chances are good that the next part might work. In other words, videos help you get more bites at the apple. When you’re advertising with an image, you only get one bite at the apple. When you are advertising using text content, you might have a few bites at the apple. With video, each and every frame might give you an opportunity to resonate with the viewer.

Complicated ideas are easier to simplify with video

It’s very hard to sell when you are talking in such complicated terms that your viewer can’t fully understand you. You have to be understandable enough to the viewer for the viewer to understand your value proposition. An effective video simplifies complicated ideas. An effective video brings a message through to the viewer in clear and certain terms. This is why videos are so powerful. You can include diagrams. You can include animated charts. You can put dramatizations. You can employ all sorts of tools and tricks to strip down a complicated and confusing idea into its simpler parts. The simpler an idea, the easier it is to understand and the easier it is to accept.

Videos can cover a wide range of subjects smoothly

Since a video is really a collection of many different pictures presented at a fast pace, you can look at videos as a collection of different selling messages. That’s right. You can look at a video as a compilation of many different picture ads. This is why you can cover a wide range of subjects smoothly with videos. You can devote certain blocks of time regarding specific area of your value proposition and then transition smoothly to another area. This is why videos are such powerful selling devices. You can cover many different aspects of your value proposition in a compressed period of time. Moreover, you can transition smoothly from different aspects of your sales thesis without missing a beat.

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Videos can trigger emotional responses more efficiently

The problem with advertising with text or with a simple picture is that you only have one shot at triggering emotional responses. If you write in an ineffective way, or you take an unproductive approach to your reader, you’ve lost that reader. In the same way, if you create a picture ad from a specific perspective, and it doesn’t really do anything for the viewer, you’ve lost the opportunity to trigger emotional responses that would lead to buying behavior. With videos, all these disadvantages go away. Why? Videos, as mentioned above, are compilations of many different images and different messages. You can take a different perspective. If one aspect doesn’t work, you can try with the next frame. If that doesn’t work, then there’s the next frame. You get many shots. You get many opportunities with videos. If the beginning of your video fails to register, maybe the middle or final part can do the trick. Videos give you more opportunities to trigger the right emotional responses that can enable you to lead your viewer to do what you want the viewer to do.

The right video is a crucial component of the KNOW-LIKE-TRUST buying cycle

If you want to sell anything online, people have to trust you. That’s the bottom line. People won’t buy from you if they don’t trust you. This is common sense. Unfortunately, many online marketers go straight to selling. They just drive the viewer to the sales page. How effective do you think this would be? This is why the vast majority of online marketers fail to make real income from their activities. They go straight to trust. They don’t bother with the first two stages of the on-line buying cycle. To sell anything on-line, you have to first become known to your target audience. Second, they have to like you. Finally, once they like you enough, they can trust you. Then and only then can you get them to buy. That’s how things work online. The great news is that with the right video, you can go through to the KNOW-LIKE-TRUST buying cycle very smoothly. You can publish a series of videos that enable your target audience to know your value proposition. The more they know you, the more credible you become to them. Once you have become credible enough to your target audience, they begin to like you. This is a very powerful stage in the buying cycle. Why? When they like you, they are more likely to share your content to people they know. This is very important because when they share they lend you some of their credibility to their circle of influence. You’re no longer a completely unknown factor. You have been recommended by somebody that somebody else knows. Finally, if enough people like you, they can trust you enough to buy from you. That’s how the online buying cycle works. You cannot just go straight to the trust. Sure, you may be able to sell a few things, but you’re not gonna sell as much as if you went through the whole KNOW-LIKE-TRUST buying cycle.

Why YouTube?make more money online

Here are the four key reasons why you should use Youtube as the platform of your video marketing. In the previous section, we outlined why video marketing works. Video marketing is very powerful, and it can really make a big difference in your online marketing efforts. With that said, you have to have the right platform. There are dozens of online video platforms out there. You can put your video on those platforms, and chances are you might not make as much as on YouTube. Here are the reasons why.

Massive website reach

YouTube is always in the top five of traffic destinations on the Internet. Its share is continuing to rise. Assume, millions of hours worth of video on YouTube every single week, YouTube gets crazy traffic. More importantly, YouTube’s traffic is very sticky. People spend a lot of time on YouTube. YouTube is not like your typical website where you read a few things, and then you get out. YouTube is very well put together that once you get in to view a video, chances are high that you will view other videos. This results in long viewing times. This results in an unheard of opportunity to brand or sell to viewers.

Massive embedded reach

In addition to the massive traffic that YouTube generates from people moving within YouTube, YouTube also reaches a wide audience because its videos can be embedded. People can copy and paste HTML codes on their website. Once people do this, they are effectively making their websites distribution points for YouTube videos. YouTube has a massive embedded reach of all these distribution points.

Free platform

While you can host your own videos on your own website, the problem with this approach is that once your website becomes highly popular and there are thousands if not millions of people viewing your video, your website can become very expensive to maintain. YouTube is a free platform that enables video producers from all over the world to upload thousands upon thousands of videos every single day and have these videos shown very smoothly. Have you ever noticed that when you view a YouTube video that the delivery is quite smooth? This is no accident. YouTube is owned by Google and Google has a massive infrastructure that distributes content smoothly and efficiently to all points of the globe.

Versatile platform

Another reason why marketers love YouTube as a video distribution platform is that you get a lot of control regarding how your video is shown. You can choose to not show ads at the end of your video. You can choose to not have your video voted on or commented on. Finally, you can also create a YouTube channel and you can fully customize this channel.   All the factors listed above point to one direction and one direction alone, you can make a lot of money with YouTube. YouTube is a powerful tool that you can use to create a solid online brand. More importantly, YouTube is a powerful and proven platform partner for video marketers from all over the world. If you are looking to take your online business to a whole new other level, make sure you add YouTube to your mix of advertising efforts to make more money online.

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