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Stop Selling, Start Recommending That’s Your Marketing For Success

Posted by on Jul 29, 2015 in Success, Video of the Day

    Stop Selling, Start Recommending That’s Your Marketing For Success         Don’t you have the feeling that everybody is hung up on making more sales?     You can hear it from everywhere. If you want money sell something, if you want to be more successful sell more.     Now this might be true but I would change this whole concept because selling scares people of. Everyone likes to buy stuff but most don’t like to get sold to.     Jeap I know it sounds strange.     Okay but what about when we see the whole concept a bit different. When do you think people would buy something? Exactly when somebody else they know or trust recommends something to them!     Think about it! You get all the time recommendations from...

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Internet Marketing Tips from the Grow Stronger Experience Workshop

Posted by on Jul 22, 2015 in Success, Video of the Day

    Internet Marketing Tips from the Grow Stronger Experience Workshop         Here are a few powerful Internet Marketing Tips that I learned from the “Grow Stronger Experience” workshop in Berlin.     If you are serious about internet marketing success, you are going to want to see these.     I’ve been on the weekend at the grow stronger experience workshop with Elliot Hulse who is a great guy. He started as a fitness coach and build up a studio by now and become kind of famous with his videos on Youtube.     He can teach you everything about your body but maybe even more about your mind and ho to become the strongest version of yourself.     During his long journey he learned also to be a internet marketer because thats where...

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Why Outsourcing? Because to stop doing what you hate!

Posted by on Jun 29, 2015 in Marketing Tips, Success

    Why Outsourcing? Because to stop doing what you hate!         Do you work your bud off every day, day in day out to make this business work? Do you learn new skills even it takes ages to learn and do them and most of the time you hate doing it?     I know this feeling I’ve been there. Doing everything by myself. Building my blog, doing the graphics, editing, writing, logos you name it I learned it or at least I tried.     But you know what you can do that you can do everything by yourself but if you want to grow your business you have to learn to give things up. Things you don’t like things you are not good at, things which take just to long.     You...

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Business in a Few Snaps

Posted by on Jun 3, 2015 in Marketing Tips, Success

Business in a Few Snaps     Improving your business may take longer than you expected. However, the efforts invested will sooner or later produce the desired results and with the right amount of blessings and luck, will play to your advantage.  But before you reach that destination, you need to spend some time reviewing your methods and look for some additional tips to improve your current business situation.     Few recommendations would be as follows:     1. Review the services.                                       Try to go over the different services you have in your business system.  There might be some which existed for the sake of emergency use but in the long run, it doesn’t really hold any significant role in...

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One Major Step To Internet Marketing Success

Posted by on May 28, 2015 in Success, Video of the Day

    One Major Step To Internet Marketing Success         Do you wonder if your website or your videos look good enough to through them at your readers / viewer or customer.     Most new marketers have this concern. They think the need a expensive camera, good lighting to make good videos. The same goes with their website.     They see all the nice and fancy websites some marketers have and think that’s one of the main reason those marketers are successful.     But is it really like that. Or is his thinking just holding you back from bringing your content out there and to take action?     I listened to an interview last week between Ray Higdon and Jonathan Budd and if you don’t know this two marketers than you might...

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Let your ego at the door or it will let you!

Posted by on Feb 5, 2015 in Marketing Tips, Success

Let Your Ego At The Door       Two weeks ago I went with about thirty people to a go-kart track in Berlin to race in a little competition. You know we do this from time to time and I’m always pretty confident in my racing skills. Because of the fact that we’ve been so many people we did like a qualifying with three different groups. After the qualifying all the guys and gals with the best time came in one group the medium driver and the ones with the slowest times in the other two. I had the second best time in my group so I came obviously in the first group. I compared times and saw that I had also the second best time of all people. I thought yeah now I’m driving for the winner’s...

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