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Getting back in the mood!

Posted by on Feb 22, 2016 in Motivation, Video of the Day

When you lose your mood!   There is a lot going on in everybody’s life and sometimes we lose our flow or the right mood to do the things we have to do or the ones which will bring us to the next level.     I have to admit I’ve been in the middle of something like that as well the last couple of months since my son was born.     The main two reasons for that have been that I got distracted through my responsibilities as a parent which is great but also a whole new part of you have to deal with (more about that in the video).     And second and that is maybe the worst part I got comfortable with what I got. Getting comfortable will put a brake on every entrepreneurial...

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The Story of Content Marketing – Is Content Marketing still King?

Posted by on Nov 16, 2015 in Traffic Tips and Tactics, Video of the Day

    The Story of Content Marketing – Is Content Marketing still King?         I went last week to a content marketing summit in Berlin to see what’s going on in the online marketing world, what’s new, what’s old and what’s coming.     There have been some real good speakers from all over the online marketing industry like big commerce shops, SEO Experts, SEO and content analysing experts and many more.     I really like events like that because you learn new things sometimes even skills, meet new people and you have the chance to network.     So if you have a chance to go to life events do it because let’s be honest a home based  businesses can be a lonely thing from time to time.     But now what did...

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Feel Like Giving Up On Internet Marketing?

Posted by on Sep 30, 2015 in Video of the Day

    Feel Like Giving Up On Internet Marketing?         I see a lot of interest marketers start in this industry with passion and enthusiasm, with big goals and visions in their head.     This lasts most of the time for a couple of weeks or even months. But after those first weeks their enthusiasm gets less and less when they don’t see the results they expected or better dreamed of.     They bought every product under the sun and still believe in all the claims the gurus out there made to get them to buy their product.     They get information overload and feel exhausted.     At the latest a few more or less feel like giving up on internet marketing. I can understand this because I’ve been at the point...

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Internet Marketing Success Tip! Never stop learning

Posted by on Sep 14, 2015 in Video of the Day

Internet Marketing Success Tip! Never stop learning         Learning is one oft he most crucial things for every part in life. If you stop learning you stop growing.     Now most people don’t get this because they think they learned already enough but that can be a big mistake.     The world is changing fast and what works today might not work tomorrow anymore. Of course there are things in business which you should do the same way like always but there are also things you have to learn again and again.     You should always strive to grow yourself as a person and your business but keep one rule in mind. Like I said is learning crucial but for every hour of study you MUST take one hour of action where you implement what you just learned....

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Growth Hacking Tip! Do the work which matters

Posted by on Sep 2, 2015 in Video of the Day

    Growth Hacking Tip! Do the work which matters     Today I’ll give you a growth hacking tip which should help you a lot. I mean it’s no rocket science but maybe it will open your eyes.     Now lets think about something for a second. Think about all the things you do in your business. And now think about the things which really grow your business.     Are those task or work the same?     I doubt it!     I guess you are busy the whole time but are the things you do really the things you should do to grow your business.     Most of the time do we work on things which not really matter at least not in the first place. Sure they have to be done but...

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Go with your gut feeling and follow your intuition!

Posted by on Aug 28, 2015 in Video of the Day

    Go with your gut feeling and follow your intuition! Staying on track and listening to their gut felling is a thing which seems to be hard for most marketers or better marketers which are new to internet marketing.     Of course they see all the products and methods and read about all the promises other marketers make in their daily inbox.     They get overwhelmed and jump from one thing to another.     Today affiliate marketer tomorrow kindle book author and the other day video marketer, blogger, SEO or what else.     They don’t follow their guts and get pulled in every thinkable direction.     I know how it feels because I have been in your spot as well. I tried everything even the shady things to make the quick buck before...

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