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Blogging Tip – Why And How To Cross Link Your Blog Posts

Blogging Tip – Why And How To Cross Link Your Blog Posts




Your goal as a blogger is to get the readers with great content on your
site and of course to let him stay there for more great content.



Now a good way to decrease your bounce rate is not just to show the
content he is reading already but also to present great content you
created in the past.



Most people overlook this and to be honest I use it not enough myself.  


I guess you now curious what I mean with showing content from the past?  


You don’t have to invent the wheel every time again because you might
have written a blog post to a certain topic already so why should you do
this again?



Exactly why not using this piece of content again?



That’s what all the good bloggers do they crosslink from from the blogpost
the readers stays on at the moment to another one. This other blog post is
complimenting the information the reader is reading or talks about it in
more depth.



You see how easy it is? Instead of repeating information which you wrote
about before just link to it.



This way one blog post can cover way more than just the one topic. 


Watch the today’s video where i show you how you can do it quick and easy.
There are two methods you can use whereupon I prefer the second one.



Marco Moeschter



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