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Do you suffer from the deadly disease? Jim Rohn’s Wisdom!



Do you suffer from the deadly disease? Jim Rohn’s Wisdom!



Do you suffer from a disease called excuses?


There is a deadly disease going around and I’m not talking about cancer, the flu or diseases like that but still you could be affected as well.



Let me show you a video from one of my favourite teachers out there. Unfortunately did he pass away a couple of years ago but what he taught is as valuable today like it was back in his days.



Jim Rohn was this man and here is what he was saying about the disease. 



Video Jim Rohn’s Wisdom





Now where you know what the disease is you have to be the opposite. Don’t see everything pessimistic. See the good thing in every part of your life and business.



Go out there and believe that everything is possible for you, you just have to take it. Figure out what is right about your life and prescribe yourself more from it.



Life can be hard but you don’t have to make it harder than it is. I love this video because it hits exactly the point on not making excuses.


Marco Moeschter


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