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Do I need a big list to start marketing?



Do I need a big list to start marketing?


  (Excitement when your subscribers get’s a mail from you)


There is still a myth going around and that myth is that you need a big
list before you can start with marketing this list!












That would mean the same like you can never play football game before
you know how to properly play the game.



You I know the first job I ever did after I finished school was a three year
job training to become bank clerk (yes I worked in a bank, please don’t
torture me, I was young and needed the money 😉 ).



Right from the first day I had to handle the customer service what was
quite hard but that’s how it was.



From the first day!!!



Now when you get subscriber on your list and you have your first 10
subscribers would you think it’s the right toile to start with email



Let’s even go one step back. When you signed up with your first
autoresponder company and you just build your first squeeze page
and set up a list do you think it’s the right time to get started???



I believe you should start right away like with all things in life. Why
wait, why waste more time? Email marketing is not much different
than other things like sport or something in school.



You have to train and learn to become better. And you have to do it



Now what is holding you back to start with email marketing even
when you don’t have a list. What better training can you have?



In today’s video do I share one little simple trick how you can write
emails even more personal and easier.



Marco Moeschter



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