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Are your excuses bigger than your dreams?

Are your excuses bigger than your dreams?



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I don’t hope so! People tend to have excuses for everything and when I say everything than I mean everything. They try to avoid the inconvenient task in their business without realizing that those task are the ones which will really boost their business.   If those people would have a close look at all their excuses they would see that they are not even real. Going shopping or for a beer with friends doesn’t count as an excuse not to work on your business.

Ask yourself the question if your excuses are bigger than your dreams?

Are you willing to give up all your dreams and goals for a little bit of fun? Don’t you think you can have all the fun in the world after you succeeded, reached your dreams and made a boatload of money?   Watch the video where I talk about this!

Marco Moeschter

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