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How to get more blog traffic and subscribers!



How to get more blog traffic and subscribers!



content upgrades



You know I do a lot of research and read even more about what is going on 
in our industry and how I can improve my marketing and business.



While reading about all this, one thing was getting my attention again and again because it seemed that everybody was talking about the little tweak they used to get more traffic.



Actually it wasn’t about getting more traffic instead of having something like a Content Upgrade.



Before their site were leaking and they lost traffic but then they used the content upgrade like duct tape to convert more traffic into leads.



It’s nothing more than a give a way which completed the blog post or gives away some additional information like a second part of the article.



It works that good because it’s not just a general report but something VERY specific to the blog post that they’re currently reading.



This specific part makes it this powerful.



It’s not that much work but I’ve seen case studies where marketers generated hundreds sometimes even thousands of leads with this technique.



You can use everything to create this content upgrade but a simple pdf works best most of the time.



This all is easily done but you’ll also need some tools which you should have anyway.



1. An Autoresponder Service like Aweber or Getresponse

2. LeadPages (or a similar alternative)



Most marketers use LeadPages and that’s the reason why I noticed this method in the first place.



They make it extreme easy to set it up and what’s even more important you don’t have to create multiple list for every report.



Now most people maybe want to use this system but the they get stock when it comes to purchase LeadPages because they do have a bit pricey monthly fees.



There haven’t been so much alternatives to LeadPages on the market so far but I spotted a new solution which might do the trick.



You can create an almost identical “Lead Box” like in LeadPages and here it comes you can also setup a custom email for each for your content upgrades.



This saves you time and you don’t have to create multiple lists inside your autoresponder which makes sending broadcast emails a pain in the butt.



Cool isn’t it. But it doesn’t stops here.



What it makes even cooler is that’s super affordable with no monthly payments. Just one low one-time fee and that’s it.



Video: How to get more blog traffic and subscribers!



If you want to create content upgrades or you want to build your list with Lead Boxes inside of your content but with an alternative to LeadPages, than this what you’ve
been waiting for.



Check it out!



If you have any questions at all just hit me up 😉



All the best,








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