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Getting back in the mood!

When you lose your mood!


There is a lot going on in everybody’s life and sometimes we lose our flow or the right mood to do the things we have to do or the ones which will bring us to the next level.

I have to admit I’ve been in the middle of something like that as well the last couple of months since my son was born.

The main two reasons for that have been that I got distracted through my responsibilities as a parent which is great but also a whole new part of you have to deal with (more about that in the video).

And second and that is maybe the worst part I got comfortable with what I got. Getting comfortable will put a brake on every entrepreneurial ambition and that happened to me.

It’s not easy to deal with that but I going to tell you more about in the video underneath.


Video: Getting back in the mood!


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Marco Moeschter



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Hi Marco!

I have been there on the comfort zone thing ;) And even though it's NOTHING like being a parent, we are getting a taste - a teeny bit - of parenthood watching our 4 month old niece 2-3 times weekly. Big change up watching your little loved ones all the time :) Enjoy it! And thanks for the helpful share. Great to see the Triberr and Twitter dude on video :)


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