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Feel Like Giving Up On Internet Marketing?



Feel Like Giving Up On Internet Marketing?


Giving Up On Internet Marketing


I see a lot of interest marketers start in this industry with passion and enthusiasm, with big goals and visions in their head.



This lasts most of the time for a couple of weeks or even months. But after those first weeks their enthusiasm gets less and less when they don’t see the results they expected or better dreamed of.



They bought every product under the sun and still believe in all the claims the gurus out there made to get them to buy their product.



They get information overload and feel exhausted.



At the latest a few more or less feel like giving up on internet marketing. I can understand this because I’ve been at the point myself a couple of times. I thought that’s can’t be the thing or profession I’ve dreamed of.



I felt like giving up on internet marketing myself. Going back to a normal job and normal life.



But you know what? My vision was bigger then the urge to give up. I invested that much time, passion, effort and at least money that I just couldn’t give up. Not yet and not tomorrow.



Every time you feel like I felt tell yourself that you try just one more time.



  • your paid ad campaign failed okay try one more time
  • your email open rate is pretty bad and you think you’ll never be good at this – try just one more time
  • you made plenty of videos but you get not much views – try just one more time and make just one more video
  • you spent a lot of time to crate your first product but you sell just a few copies – it doesn’t matter, try just one more time



Watch the Video “Feel Like Giving Up On Internet Marketing” Now:


This business will always mean a lot of work, failures and dedication from you but it’s quit worth it. So keep going and try it one more time.

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Marco Moeschter



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