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Help! I got robbed!

Help! I got robbed!


I went with a few friends to the Baltic Sea this weekend to have
something like a mini vacation.We do this every year 1-2 times
for the last 16 years and it is always fantastic to catch up with
mates and to enjoy the weather and sea.

We don’t rent something we just sleep on the beach to have
the full nature feeling (and a few beers of course 😉 ).

What can I say I just love it.

But this time we had a bad awaking after the last night because we
noticed that somebody had been in our little camp to steal our
wallets and phones.


I had something like good luck while having bad luck. The thief
lost my phone when we was in a hurry because we found it a few
meters away buried under the sand when we tried to call it.

Though the money was gone as well the wallets of my friends.

The scary thing is that I had my backpack just 20 centimeters above
my head that means the thief sat right beside me while I was sleeping
to reach my backpack.

Yep not a good thought!

Long story short I’m not just here to talk about this I’m also here to tell
you what I learned from it or better what I think the thief should do
instead of robbing people


Watch the video I made about it.


Marco Moeschter


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