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How Long Should Your Youtube Videos Be? Quick Survey!

How Long Should Your Youtube Videos Be? Quick Survey!

How long should be your youtube videos


Today I want  to know something from you. Yes it’s your part today but
don’t worry it’s nothing complicated and it wont take long.



I do videos now for quit a long time and some videos are longer while
other ones shorter.



It’s hard in today’s internet world to grasp the full attention span of
the Youtube viewers because there are so many distractions going on.



I believe there is the right length of time for different kind of videos.
Motivational videos for example shouldn’t be that long but on the other
hand tutorials about certain topics should be a bit longer to teach the
topic in more depth.



What I want from you today is to participate in something like a quick
survey. The questions I want to get answered is:



How long is the perfect video running time for you before you with away

a) in a motivational / inspirational video

b) in a tutorial



Just comment underneath or send me a mail to info@marcomoeschter.com



Video: How long is the perfect video running time?



Marco Moeschter



Still have questions? Add me on Facebook:


PS. There is also something you can learn from this post. Every
time your are not quite sure what kind of content you should
create for your readers or viewers or when you want to know
want content your audience want to read from you: ask them!
That’s the easiest way to know, no guessing, no riddles.




For me, it depends on the subject.  If it's a tutorial for how to do something, for example, how to embed a video into your WP blog post or how to install a WP widget, up to 7 min. is perfect.

For everything other than a simple tutorial, I don't mind if they're 15-30 min. long as long as the person keeps it interesting.

I'm a YouTube junkie so my "perfect" video length may be different than other people.  :-)

MM80 moderator


Yeah you are right Karen! I prefer videos up to 6-7 minutes but sometimes I watch webinars from up to one and a half hour. 

It's not always easy to say what the right video length is and it varied from person to person I guess but that's why I do this little survey ;)

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