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How to Fail Your Way to Success

How to Fail Your Way to Success



Let’s get something out of the way real quick: failure is everywhere.

That’s right. Nine times out of ten, whatever it is that you try, whenever you try, however you try, wherever you try, chances are, you will fail. The reality is, failure is everywhere.

Most of the time people will try to do something they don’t always succeed. In fact, most of the time, they don’t succeed at all. Still, the world goes on. Still, the world hasn’t fallen apart.

People haven’t gone crazy. The streets haven’t filled with angry people, but failure is everywhere. You have to always remember that when you encounter setbacks in whatever it is that you’re trying to do. Whether you’re trying to get good grades at school, whether you’re trying to fix or start a relationship, whether you are trying to fix or start a business, failure is always around the corner.

You can’t always hit a home run. In fact, most of the time, you strike out.

Unfortunately, people have this expectation that they have to always succeed. The problem is if you look at life that way, you fail to learn from your failure to success. You have to remember that success really is set up by a series of failed attempts before. If you look at failure from this perspective, failure isn’t really as bad as you think it is.

If anything, failure is a necessary ingredient that makes success all the sweeter.  Keep the following discussion in mind when looking at the failures in your life. More importantly, these discussions help you figure out how to fail your way to ultimate success.


What is negative failure?


Usually when people think about failure and talk about failure, they are talking about negative failure. Negative failure is a concept that we are all familiar with. Negative failure is the most common definition for failure.

What is negative failure?

It is the failure that you see all the time. It is when people quit. It is when people stop trying. It is when people give up on their dreams. This is the kind of failure people normally talk about. They think that this is the ultimate definition of failure.

While negative failure is true, while negative failure is heavy, it is just one side of failure. You have to remember that the surest way to fail is to quit. Once you quit, you have failed for all time.


You are no longer taking action. You are no longer trying. You have cut yourself off from all possibilities of success. That is the ultimate definition of negative failure. Fortunately, this is just one aspect of it. It is by no means the complete definition of failure.

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What is positive failure?


Positive failure is when you don’t quit. Positive failure is when you get frustrated, you fall down, but you get up again. Positive failure is when you’re feeling trapped, but you keep going. In other words, positive failure is when you don’t let the challenges get the best of you.

Positive failure is when you establish a goal behind your failure. The real goal behind positive failure is to have failure lead you to something more productive. It doesn’t necessarily mean leading you to success but leading you to something with a more productive outcome.

In short, positive failure is all about setting up a process where you keep learning and trying until you eventually build a platform where you can reach the place where you need to go.

Another way to describe positive failure is deliberate failing. In short, you know that you’re gonna fail, but you fail on your own terms. You know that you’re gonna fail, but you do it in such a way that you can get lessons that increase your chances of your success next time.


Fail and see the emotional urgency required by success


The first key element of positive failure is to fail and see the emotional urgency required by success. Let’s face it. If you want to be successful, it must be real to you. It must be emotionally urgent to you.

People who don’t succeed look at success as something that they will get to a few years down the road. They look at success as something that may be fun, may be worth having but the time is not now. If you look at success this way, there is no emotional urgency.

People who succeed do so because there is emotional urgency pushing them forward. They see an emotional component to them reaching their goals. People who put in the world, people who put in the action, people who put in the planning that’s needed to truly succeed are driven by emotional urgency.

One of the best things that can happen to you when it comes to failure is to fail and see that you failed because emotional urgency is needed. This is a key lesson that you need to learn so you can take your efforts to a whole other level and see the consequences of mediocrity or complacency.

You cannot become excellent by shooting for the middle. You cannot become the best at what you’re doing by striving to be average. See what’s wrong with this picture? In other words, you cannot get to point A if you’re trying to get to point B. It doesn’t work that way.

Unfortunately, many people try to get the most out of life by putting in the least amount. It’s not gonna happen. You may be able to achieve that once you’ve reached a certain level, but if you’re just trying to achieve success right now, it’s not gonna happen. You have to put in the time. You have to put in the effort. You cannot be complacent. You cannot be mediocre. You have to shoot for excellence.


One of the best that can happen is for you to realize that mediocrity and complacency leads to somewhere that is very far from success. One of the biggest benefit you can get from failure is to see that mediocrity and complacency lead to dead ends.


Fail and see the crippling power of regret


One of the most positive things that can happen to people is when they encounter a setback, and they experience regret. Once they experience regret, they realize how crippling it is.

When you’re always looking back, it’s very hard to look forward. When you’re always trying to do a post-mortem on things that happen a few years ago, it’s very hard to look at the future and be very hopeful.

If you want to succeed, you have to look ahead.

You cannot always keep looking back. You cannot engage in regret. This is why regret is so crippling. One of the best things that can happen with failure is that you will see how crippling regret is.

If you fail hard enough, you may realize that by looking at the past, you’re not doing yourself any favours in the present. More importantly, you’re not laying the ground work for future success.

There are many kinds of failures that will fill us with regret. There are many kinds of failures that will make us doubt ourselves. Instead of trying to run away from these failures, truly soak in the emotional gravity of regret and self-doubt.

Celebrate it.

Resolve to no longer regret, to no longer be in doubt. That’s when you start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.


Failure leads to the appreciation of the right planning


One of the most common reasons why people fail is because they fail to plan.

As the old saying goes, if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.

failure to plan It really is that simple. Unfortunately, many people try to get things right the first time around. It’s not gonna happen. Why? You did not prepare. You did not train. You did not have the right mindset.

Still, many people think that they are entitled to hit a home run once they step up to the plate. Then, they get mad at the world and mad at everybody else that things didn’t pan out.

You have to understand the proper role of the right kind of planning. Unfortunately, people only realize this when they fail. In fact, many people have to fail time and time and time again to finally realize that they need to have the right plans.


Failure leads to appreciation of the right goal setting


It’s one thing to have a plan, it’s another to have a goal. What is the difference? Well, everybody can plan but it takes a lot of commitment and a lot of dedication to actually set goals.


There are deadlines related to goal setting. Moreover, goals have to be smart. They have to be realistic. They have to be achievable. Also, there has to be a method to goals.

People don’t even get around to doing goals. They just think that they are planning. What they are actually doing is they’re wishing. They are hoping. They are not setting goals. They’re not doing correct planning. If you want to succeed, you have to set the right goals.

Unfortunately, many people have to wait until their plans completely fall apart, and they miserably fail for them to realize the power of proper goal setting.


Failure leads to appreciation of the value of timing and deadlines


Have you ever noticed that there are certain people that happen to be at the right time and at the right place? Have you ever noticed how lucky these people may seem?

Well, if you’ve really looked at what they are dong, chances are, they’re not really that lucky.

Maybe one in ten is completely lucky. However, the other nine are there for a reason. The other nine have actually put in the work and put in the effort, and planning needed to be at the right place and at the right time.

As the old saying goes, the harder I work the luckier I get.

You have to appreciate the value of the right time and the right deadlines as well as the right efforts for you to achieve success. Oftentimes, it requires a massive failure for us to realize the value of timing and deadlines.

You can be a great goal setter, but if you don’t discipline yourself by imposing deadlines on your goals, nothings gonna happen. You’re just going to look at your goals, and the success that you’ve always dreamed of will remain exactly that, a dream.

You have to appreciate the value of timing and deadlines to achieve the success that you deserve. Unfortunately, it takes catastrophic failure for some people to realize the value of these factors.


What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger


Failure, as mentioned above, happens all the time. You should not become so emotionally married to failure that it cripples you from trying again. You have to remember that it takes effort, discipline and commitment to turn nothing into something.

If anything, life is a test of character. Life gave you nothing, but life expects something from you. The real winners in life are the ones who put in the time, effort and dedication to truly developing a character that can produce results time and time again.

 Life is a test of character.

That is what you are going to die with. That is what people will know you for. Are you going to expect things to be easy? Are you going to expect things to be handed to you? Are you going to expect things to be fair to turn out well? If you expect things that way, then prepare to be disappointed?

Life is unfair. Life is stacked against you.

Are you going to let your failures defeat you or are you going to learn from your failures? Are you going to stay on the floor and not to try anymore or are you going to give up?

You have to remember that the biggest successes in history are people who’ve tried many times before and failed. They didn’t let their famous failures define them. In fact, whatever didn’t kill them made them stronger.


They learn from their failures. This is the key. You have to repeat this to yourself time and time again: what doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger. Repeat that every single day, every time you try, every time you fail, repeat that. When you turn that into a mantra, you will then remember all the other factors listed above. They can help you turn defeat into the sweetest victory of all.

Whether you’re trying to make money online or whether you’re trying to finish your education or save a relationship, failure is everywhere.

Failure is a given.

With that said, you can control how you fail. You can choose to fail miserably and never to try again. You can choose to let your failure define you and shrink your world of possibilities, or you can choose to do it in such a way that it empowers you.

You can choose to learn from your failures. Finally, you can choose to accept victory in your life. At the end of the day, it’s all about your choice. Are you going to make progress or are you going to choose to.


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