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The Story of Content Marketing – Is Content Marketing still King?



The Story of Content Marketing – Is Content Marketing still King?


Is Content Marketing still king?


I went last week to a content marketing summit in Berlin to see what’s
going on in the online marketing world, what’s new, what’s old and what’s coming.



There have been some real good speakers from all over the online
marketing industry like big commerce shops, SEO Experts, SEO and
content analysing experts and many more.



I really like events like that because you learn new things sometimes even
skills, meet new people and you have the chance to network.



So if you have a chance to go to life events do it because let’s be honest a
home based  businesses can be a lonely thing from time to time.



But now what did I learn what I can give you on your way to a better
online marketer?



First, the time of over optimised keyword overloaded article are gone. Of
course they still work but when you start to think long term with your
content marketing or your business altogether than forget about it.



Google rolled out a lot of updates already and they get smarter every day.
That means things might work today but maybe you’ll get the bill in the future.



If you want to grow a long term business forget about all the short cuts
because they are like the name suggests just short cuts.



I mean that not ground breaking new and you should already know that
you shouldn’t write for the search engines rather for your readers for real people.



Content gets more and more important that’s the second thing but not
just content long and fu…ing good content because content is still king.



But the thing what’s real interesting and what has been the biggest
takeaway for me from this whole summit is that you should try to cover
not just one topic but a group of related topics.

You want to know what I mean with that?

Watch the video where I going to tell you the whole thing.

Guys I hope that has been an eye opener for you like for me. This concept
doesn’t count for all kind of blog posts but for most.


Okay now. Have a look for more videos and blog posts from me where
I teach you what else I learned from the content marketing summit.


Share this with anyone who might benefit, if you enjoyed it, feel free to comment below.


Marco Moeschter



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