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Jerry Seinfeld Strategy to end procrastination

Jerry Seinfeld Strategy to end procrastination



end procrastination


Jerry Seinfeld is a great inspiration and motivation even when it comes to
business and we all can learn from him.

Actually I can tell you a little story here.

A young comedian ask Jerry backstage if he can give tips for young comedians
who just starting out in the biz! Jerry told the comedian the key to become a
better comedian is to produce better jokes and to produce better jokes you
have to write them daily.

His advice was to get a giant wall calendar and a red marker and hang the
calendar in a place he would see it everyday.

Now his task was to make a red X everyday he completed his writing goal.

He explained that when you do that everyday after a few days you’ll have a chain
with with red X’s. 
You’ll enjoy seeing that chain and it will motivate you to
continue with doing your daily task. The only goal here is not to break the chain.

This method is not really focusing on results but on doing your tasks daily because
most never even get started.

There are now two ways for you to end procrastination you can

a)  get this giant wall calendar and the red marker
b) or download the free android app HabitBull which is based after Jerry
Seinfelds productivity secret (for Iphone you can use another app called Lift)

Either way get started and end your procrastination to reach your goals in 2015.




Marcom Moeschter


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