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Let your ego at the door or it will let you!

Let Your Ego At The Door


Let your ego at the door



Two weeks ago I went with about thirty people to a go-kart track in Berlin
to race in a little competition. You know we do this from time to time and
I’m always pretty confident in my racing skills.

Because of the fact that we’ve been so many people we did like a qualifying
with three different groups. After the qualifying all the guys and gals with
the best time came in one group the medium driver and the ones with the
slowest times in the other two.

I had the second best time in my group so I came obviously in the first group.
I compared times and saw that I had also the second best time of all people.

I thought yeah now I’m driving for the winner’s podium.

I wrote my girlfriend that I’m on the second place so far and she said I
should be patient and wait for mistakes from the guy in front of me.
I thought to myself of course that’s what I going to do, waiting for my

Now the final race started with me on the second place. All I had to do
is to come through the first bend to start the chase but I guess you know
what wascoming.


Somebody from behind crashed in me and then some more karts
crashed in us as well with the results that the whole field was flying by.

Shit! Worst case scenario.

How can I now be the first one while driving on the last position???

What else could I do than to start a high-speed pursuit (I just love it).

I overtook one after another until this one guy was in front of me. You
know the one who can’t accept that he is not the fastest one. I tried
everything to overtake him but there was no way. So I started to bump
in his back bumper to show him 
“Hey I’m faster than you let me past”.

But he didn’t care!

Can you remember what my girlfriend said. Just be patient and wait
for a mistake 
but my ego had already taking over. I bump more and
more and the guy got really pissed.

End of the story was that we both crashed and he blocked my way on
purpose. We had to wait for the track marshal to bring us back on track
and I finally could overtake him.

After that I was almost flying over the track to catch the two guys in front
of me but 
I just lost to much time with the crash to get the chance.

Okay I ended up on the third position but I was really disappointed and
I was cursing to myself why this one guy haven’t let me overtake, even I
was way faster than he. What’n idiot.


Without him I would have been at least on the second position. Of course
the third place 
was a pretty good result but it was bothering me the whole
night and the next day.

My ego had taken control over me and it wasn’t of course my fault no it was
alllll his fault.

After a few days I realised that it wasn’t all his fault though. Instead of
being patience and to wait for my chance I tried to do it with the crow bar.

Maybe your are thinking right now what is he actually talking about? It
was just a little race with a go kart but it’s also symptomatic for a lot of
people in their normal life or business.

Most people try everything with the crow bar. They let their ego take over
and expect that all 
goals,  dreams and desires they have come true with
once and at best by tomorrow.

You see it’s the same with internet marketing. I tried everything and even
more to make money online. I even tried methods I’m not proud of today
and I ignored all advice I got from already successful people or mentors I
payed for because I thought I know it better.

Yep again the ego thing.

I was chasing the money instead of focusing on becoming a better version
of myself and making constant improvements towards my goals to get there
much faster.

Now my focus switched.

I no longer focus on money.

I focus on self improvement.

I focus on building a business I’m passionate about and that helps other
people see they can have and do whatever they want just like I’ve done.

I focus on becoming better at everything I do or at least try it step by step.

I learned to let my ego at the door. I’m not always successful with this
concept like you can see in the little story above but I getting better with it.

I hope you got value from this post and if you liked it I would appreciate
if you share it and comment below to let me know what you think.


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