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Mac or a PC? What do I use and why I find it better


Mac or a PC? What do I use and why I find it better

mac or pc



I know there has been a discussion about it as long as they existed and I’m
not here to point with fingers on things and tell you this trash and this isn’t.

In today’s video I just want to answer the question what kind of personal
computer I use and why.


Of course I could start to compare them just to give you my unsubjective
opinion because it’s almost like a religion for some people on the one or
on the other side.


What you choose in the end depends on your own taste, how much money
you want to spend and of course what for you want to use it.

Okay now let’s move to the video!


Video: Mac or a PC?



Okay okay I also have to show you that it’s so funny!





Marco Moeschter


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