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How to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly for Google!

How to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly for Google!


mobile friendly

Is your site mobile friendly already?



Mobile is the future or at least it will take a big part of it. Now if you
have a website today you have to make sure that your site is mobile
friendly/ ready already.



Google released last month their newest update which aims exactly at
this fact.



That means in plain English if your site is not mobile friendly  at the
moment, Google will penalise it or at least rank it worse than a
responsive site.






Looks like you have to do something about is asap.



Now the first thing is to have a look if your site is responsive already.
Maybe you don’t know it but if you have a new theme for example
you should be good.



Okay first step:

  • check up your site (watch the video to learn how).

Second step:


  • if your site is not mobile friendly you have to do something. There
    are a few ways what you can do about it and I going to show you those
    ways step by step in my video.



Don’t worry if don’t have a clue about building, updating or modifying
websites because there is a way around as well. 😉



Without talking anymore let’s go straight to the video where you’ll learn all
the things you have to know to make your site mobile friendly.





Marco Moeschter



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