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Marketing – Keep away the people who don’t buy from you!

Marketing – Keep away the people who don’t buy from you!

Keep away the people who don’t buy from you kl




I heard last week a sentence from a great guy and marketer called
Perry Marshall. if you don’t know him than have a search for the book
“80/20 Sales and Marketing” which is a must read when you are in
any kind of marketing.


Okay now what did he say what impressed me so?

He said: Marketing is not that all people buy from you, marketing is
to keep away the people who don’t wan’t to buy from you”.

Quite powerful if you ask me!


Now you can apply this in any kind of marketing if you now do
network marketing, affiliate marketing or maybe you market your
own products.  Attracting the right customer is an important thing
when it comes to build the business of your dreams rather than a
business you hate and customers which are a pain in the ass.


I guess you know about what customers I talking about:

-Customers which ask question over question but never take action

-Customers which think they get everything for nothing

-Customers which don’t see the necessity to invest in their-self and their business

-Customers which buy product over product without applying them

-Customers which are serial refunder

Watch the video “Marketing –  Keep away the people who
don’t buy from you!” to learn how you can prevent to market
to the wrong people!





Marco Moeschter

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