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The Five Mistakes To Avoid When Emailing Your List



The Five Mistakes To Avoid When Emailing Your List


Mistakes to avoid Emailing Your List

In any business model you do should email marketing have an important place. With email marketing you can own your own traffic and you can build relationship and trust.


But and here it comes you should make sure that you play after the rules and to avoid certain things which can get you in trouble.

I wrote down 5 mistakes to avoid:

1. Always have a unsubscribe button or feature in your mails.
This way people can unsubscribe from your list if the don’t like your mails.

If you don’t have this feature and you continue to send mails to people who don’t recognise you, you might get marked as a spammer.

2. Don’t send your subscribers any inappropriate or disturbing emails, articles, videos, or pictures because it can damage your reputation.


I don’t say you have to please everyone or that you can’t be controversy but you just shouldn’t send certain content.

You should always be you and your personality has to shine trough every mail but it’s just a matter of fact that not every content is appropriated to share it.

Think about it.



3. Send mails repeatedly. Every time you create new content or you have to tell something important than email your list.

Threat them like friends and you know people like to share things with their friends as much as they can.

This will also build trust and a relationship with you. Always remember people don’t buy products or companies they buy you. This makes it your job to stay in touch.

4. Don’t blast your list with tons of offers just for the sake of making money. People subscribed to your list probably because you impressed them somehow along the line.


They seeking for value, help and a solution for their problem.

The last thing they need is you promoting a new shiny product to them day in day out. What do you think how serious they going to take you when you act like all the others marketers out there. Be different and provide value 24/7.

5. Know who you are dealing with. You should know the persona of your perfect subscriber like you know most details out of your real friends life.


How old are they, what problems they have, what are their dreams and desires, what do they like or dislike.

As more as you know them as easier it is to create the right content like article, videos or mails.

Know who you are dealing with

Email marketing don’t have to be that hard but of course should you follow a few yeah let’s call them rules which will make it quite easier for you to become good at what you do.



Share this with anyone who may be serious about email marketing or going through a tough time with their online business.

Marco Moeschter


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