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No means maybe and maybe means yes!

No means maybe and maybe means yes!


No means yes


Do you open for an challenge? If so then take the challenge which are in front of you probably every day.



Which challenge this is you ask? The challenge not to take every no as a no!



Sounds strange I know but marketers get to easy discouraged when they hear the word “No”.



They automatically think that when they offer or recommend something to their buyers and they say no that there is no in change at all to sell something.



But is is really like that?



Most people have to hear about a product or service seven times before they buy. Some people won’t buy after the tenths time and some will after they heard something for the fourths time.



You have to stay consistent and put your offer again and again in front of your prospects. Maybe it wasn’t just the right time or content or video at this time but it doesn’t mean it’s a no for ever.



Every no can be a maybe and every maybe can be a yes.



Let’s be honest some people will never buy from you because what you offer it’s just not a good fit and some people will stay on your list and never buy a thing in a whole year. You never know if this guy might become a valuable customer maybe even the most precious one.



Watch this quick video what I made to show you a little more in depth what I mean.



Now what do you think now about a “No” if it’s still a no or a maybe or even a yes?



Tell me what you think and what you struggle with underneath in the comment section and please share this post/ video if you know other people who struggle with this as well.


Marco Moeschter


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