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A ski god marketing tip!

A ski god marketing tip!


Long time no life sign from me and the reason for that is that I’m at the
moment in Austria on Ski Vacation.

I can tell you one thing it’s awesome. It was snowing almost the whole
week what means deep new powder snow to ride on.

Pretty perfect if you ask me.

Okay the thing I actually what to tell here is a little story combined with
a marketing tip.

You know I did skiing before like when I learned it and then a couple of
years ago when we were in Switzerland for skiing. I know how to drive but
I’m by no means a ski god.

Now the last winter vacation is already four years ago and the first two
days last week was pretty hard for me. I felt like a complete beginner and I
was more lying on the ground than riding my ski or I was riding it like in
slow motion ;).

I nearly lost the fun about it because it was that frustrating.

Now I had two options to give up and just do cross-country skiing or keep
trying until I getting better.!?

I guess you know what I did!

Exactly! I kept going.

I tried it again and again and I was getting better and better every day. Now
yesterday I almost felt like a ski god when I did some little jumps and even
rode in a fun park (yes a fun park but i did it kind of slowish of course). I
couldn’t get enough from skiing and next I’ll be back for more that’s sure.

No I told you that there will be also a marketing tip in here and the tip is never
to quit and to keep going.

When you start with internet marketing you’ll have problems and you’ll have
to learn new skills. Some skills you’ll develop easier and some will feel like
you never get it.

This is the point where you have to keep going it doesn’t matter how hard it is
because some day you’ll be an expert at it or at least it will not feel that hard
anymore (or you are on the point where you can outsource all the hard tasks).

I told you that already a couple of times and I can promise you I won’t get tired
to do so in the future. Becoming good at something might not be always easier
but sometimes it is essential to do even when you won’t.

Okay that has been a bit longer mail but I hope you read it right to the end.

If you want to see some more pictures from my winter vacation just connect
with me on Facebook where I uploaded some of them (plus more are coming soon).





In this video you’ll learn:


  • Internet marketing tip and Ski god tip 😉
  • how you can become a better Internet marketer, ski driver or whatever you want
  • why you have to keep going and 360° view out of the ski lift



Marco Moeschter

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