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You must prepare yourself for the up’s and downs when starting a Internet marketing business



You must prepare yourself for the up’s and downs when starting a Internet marketing business!


Up and down



Most new marketers who want to start an internet marketing business doing this a bit blue-eyed if you ask me.


They see all the other marketers with their fancy products the boat loads of cash they make and the nice cars and houses. But are they really prepared for the up and downs when they start an internet marketing business?


Most of the time not because the so called gurus don’t show you this site of the medal. The one where you have to work hard. Where you constantly fail before you succeed.


They had to go through all this as well but it just don’t sound cool to tell this everybody who want to start in this industry and it surely doesn’t help to sell their own products.


But what can you do now to prepare yourself?


There are actually a few points which can help:

 1. Learn the basics / You don’t need to learn how to code a website but it helps to learn the basic to even start your first simple blog or make the first videos. Just learn the simple things you’ll need to get started.

 2. Read Blogs / Read blogs to learn more about the field you want to work in. For example unless you studied marketing you’ll need to read a few marketing blogs to know what to do and how to do it. Me for example I didn’t know a thing about email marketing before I educated myself about it. But be careful. Just follow a few blogs which will help you to develop yourself otherwise will you spend to much time reading.

 3. Watch videos / Everything you need to know you can learn from videos. I watch videos everyday to learn but also to work on my mindset. Mindset should be always a big part of of your entrepreneurial journey (It’s probably the most important thing in my opinion).

 4. Implement / What helps all the learning and education without implementation? Nothing! When you learn 1 hour you should implement 3 hours. Don’t get me wrong learning is an important part but implementation is what brings you the results. Don’t make the mistake to focus on all forms of online marketing at once . You’ll spread yourself to thin if you do this.

Focus on one section at the time. For example. Learn first content marketing and when you are really good at it move to something else like email marketing.

Video: Are you prepared for the up and down’s in your internet marketing business?

Internet marketing is a constant process and you’ll experience setbacks and failures and it is good this way.


Remember: If you haven’t failed, you’re not trying hard enough.


Learn from those mistakes and move on.


Marco Moeschter


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