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Stop Selling, Start Recommending That’s Your Marketing For Success



Stop Selling, Start Recommending That’s Your Marketing For Success



stop selling, start recommending

Start recommending like you would to a good friend.



Don’t you have the feeling that everybody is hung up on making more sales?



You can hear it from everywhere. If you want money sell something, if you want to be more successful sell more.



Now this might be true but I would change this whole concept because selling scares people of. Everyone likes to buy stuff but most don’t like to get sold to.



Jeap I know it sounds strange.



Okay but what about when we see the whole concept a bit different. When do you think people would buy something? Exactly when somebody else they know or trust recommends something to them!



Think about it! You get all the time recommendations from friends about a good restaurant a movie worth to watch a garage and so on.



Some will take the advice and some don’t



So when you start doing this for example recommending instead selling it’s just a kind of change your wording, but maybe it’ll change your thought process on this too.



“If you want money, recommend something.”



Start trying this! Don’t press all the time for the sale, recommend something and give people your link because you believe in the product. Because you bought it yourself or you know it’s good. Be honest with them and treat them like a real friend.



Not everybody will follow your recommendation but the smart ones will do.



What you can do is to talk about the concept and later on you can say something like “Let me know if you need a recommendation on where to get this.” You can give a quick example that you bought it yourself or how it helped you. You don’t need to talk about it directly instead concepts and benefits within the program.



When people hear something like that they think wow that sounds interesting but it’s incomplete so they going to reach out to you. They wanna know more about it or how to make money with it.



This way you can recommend the program you use to make money with and when they want to have the same results or want recommend this their-self they will invest in your program.



But you have to invest in a program which pays you commission that you can recommend.



Literally my main programs I promote and recommend to people that earns commissions and does the exact same thing for them is this one! It doesn’t matter what you do but when you want to start a business you first have to invest in the right program.



Just when you invest in a program you have something to recommend to people. That’s how it’s made or how it should work.



Video: Stop Selling, Start Recommending!



You want to make money, recommend something.

Marco Moeschter


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