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Successful Marketing Tips – Take breaks to recharge your batteries



Successful Marketing Tips – Take breaks to recharge your batteries

take breaks to Recharge your batteries

Did you had holiday this year? I hope so!



I enjoyed some free time the last two weeks. Okay I’ll be honest one week because one was I had an KungFu trainings camp which was great. The weather was nice, every day 6 hours sport that was the same like holidays for me ;)!



I know I know some people would define holiday as lying on the beach and drinking cocktails but I’m a sport nerd.



The other week now was more like the traditional holiday.  I drove with  my girlfriend up to Denmark were we rented a small house close to the coast.



All this time I did almost nothing online except writing a mail here and there and can you believe it I enjoyed it.



I mean I’ve been on the internet almost every day (can’t help it) but didn’t do much work at all.



That’s actually the marketing tip I promised you.



When you work on your business you should always give your best. You should work like the devil is behind you or somebody is pointing a gun to your head ready to shoot you in case you procrastinate.



I know it’s hard sometimes but that’s how you going to build a successful online business.



Working hard can be exhausting and that’s the reason why you have to take breaks to recharge your batteries.



This can be a holiday for one or two weeks or a weekend with your family or even just a day with your spouse. Reading a good book is also a great way to recharge at least for me.



Video: Recharge your batteries


Take this time. Seriously!



I used to work 80 hours a week as well but to be honest how much of this time is really productive?



Think about it.



Okay in case you missed it here is mine successful marketing tip again: Take breaks to recharge your batteries.

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