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My Summer vacation in Switzerland!

My summer vacation in Switzerland!

P1010119 klein

Climbing Adrenaline & Fun

P1010154 - Kopie klein

100% pure landscape











A few friends ask me like last minute if I wanna come with them to Switzerland. I’ve been
there before and I knew it can be just fun when we are together on tour. So I said yes of course.

We went there for one and a half week and what can I say?

It was great fun!

We did all the fun stuff you can do in Switzerland like climbing, hiking, white water rafting (my personal favorite).


Can you see the panic in my face 😉










Be sure to watch the video below where I even give away some business tips 😉


If you haven’t been to Switzerland then make sure to write it on you bucket list because

especially the mountains and the whole scenery it’s worth to see it.


Marco Moeschter

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