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What is Video Marketing and will it help me to grow my business!?

What is video marketing!


Video Marketing

What is Video Marketing?

When we say video marketing in today business environment then what we mean is the act of using web videos of any kind to promote your business! These videos can be anything from web commercials to talking head videos with you in front of the camera to screen capture videos or daily videos for your vlog or any other type of video you put on the internet to promote your own offline or online business. Videos are always easier to consume and accessible by viewers then written content for example plus videos are most of the time more directly engaging and immediately persuasive.

But why is it now that video marketing is the way to go and what makes it special against other methods of marketing. On the one hand watching more than 100 million internet users web videos every single day with increasing numbers and on the other hand take 46% of these viewers action on a call of action you describe in the video.

People enjoy watching videos. They are fun they are entertaining or educating, easy to consume and with all the time people spent on the internet these days web video is a way to show them advertising which they don’t even see most of the time as advertising.

More views on your videos will increase the traffic on your website with the right call to action and with that the amount of customers for your business will grow as well. Another important point you should have in mind with videos are your SEO rankings. Youtube (if you use YouTube to upload your video) is owned by Google and every good ranked video will increase your SEO rankings which in turns brings more people to your business website. With the right on page and off page settings is it 50x more likely that your video will appear on the first page of google.

The most popular type of video marketing is using Youtube to upload your video on their platform. There you can create a Channel to brand yourself and your business. Youtube is giving you a lot of tools in the hand to optimize your video for best results in the search engines and you should use them to achieve the best results with your video possible. If you wanna know what different kind of video types you can create or how to make a video have a look at my other post about this.

Video Marketing is the future and with the increasing of mobile marketing and the short attention span of people (to read long article on their smart phone or tablet), video marketing will be the way for you to market to your aimed customers. Don’t miss it and start with video marketing today.


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